BAZ Publishing was formally established in 2006 as a subsidiary to Bait Al Zubair Foundation with a drive to develop and evolve its activities. It specializes in publishing quality works that showcase Oman’s rich cultural heritage and promote it as a unique destination, while encouraging and nurturing young Omani authors and artists.

The first book, Oman, My Beautiful Country by HE Mohammad Al Zubair, was published in 2002 by Bait Al Zubair, prior to the establishment of BAZ Publishing. It has become a best-seller and remains one of the most popular books on Oman. It has been reprinted 5 times and sold nearly 8,000 copies. It is published in 5 languages — Arabic, English, French, German and Japanese — and details the monumental and diverse landscape of the Sultanate of Oman. Oman, My Beautiful Country was one of the first books in the world to feature digital photography and initiated a whole series by HE Mohammad Al Zubair reflecting the beauty of Oman. The second book in this series was published in 2003 and entitled Landscapes of Dhofar. It is a greatly admired photographic study of Oman’s southernmost region.

The third book, entitled Oman Ancient Civilisation: Modern Nation — Towards a Knowledge and Service Economy, was co-authored by HE Mohammad Al Zubair and Professor Vincent McBrierty and traces Oman’s development throughout its colourful history spanning some six millennia. It is a fascinating story of economic achievement in a country that has retained a deep respect for its environment throughout its early history. The book is intended to serve 3 main purposes: to provide a more integrated perspective of national policy within Oman and create an enhanced sense of pride in the Omani people in their fascinating heritage; to inform the wider international community as to the way in which an open Arab economy can participate successfully in today’s global knowledge economy without compromising its cherished traditions and values; and to serve as a prototype for other developing economies with similar aspirations.

In 2004 The Omani Heritage Colouring Book from Bait Al Zubair Museum was launched. Aimed at children it consists of 56 pages filled with detailed illustrations that can be coloured in. Through this book in Arabic and English children can learn about Oman’s rich cultural history in detail through traditional costume, weaponry, jewellery, furniture and architecture.

In 2006 HE Mohammad Al Zubair produced Mountains & Wadis of Oman, the third book in the series, introduced by Oman, My Beautiful Country. This was the first book to be officially published by BAZ Publishing, and highlights the monumental geography and outstanding natural beauty of the Sultanate. Published in two versions – one is a large luxury edition in Arabic and English that includes awe-inspiring verses selected from poetry that relates to the images, while the other is an international edition in four languages: Arabic, English, French and German.

The second book published by BAZ Publishing was The Art of Barr Al Jissah by Sarah White, Bait Al Zubair Foundation. It is the first book in English on contemporary art in Oman and highlights the work of artists specially commissioned to produce artwork for Shangri-La’s Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa.

There are many more books on the anvil and an active team working on them.
Today he uses state of the art digital technology to capture the diverse landscape of Oman. His personal exploration of Oman, focusing on the vast mountain ranges, colourful deserts, lush oasis settlements and dramatic coastlines, has resulted in two major publications and his photographs have been exhibited both locally and internationally.

Along with his immense archive of over 100,000 photographs documenting the Sultanate of Oman, Mohammad Al Zubair enjoys experimental digital artwork, inspired by nature, traditional Omani silver and gold, design, architecture, geometry and color. He admires the artistry of Oman’s artisans, who display inherited skills to create traditional products that reflect the inherent spirit of his beloved country. He uses modern technology to open up new ways of defining his ideas with incredible clarity and precision.
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The photographer, Mohammad Al Zubair explains… “The high quality of digital photography that has recently emerged has convinced me to develop an old hobby . . .

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