1. Why was this site developed?
  2. Who is the photographer?
  3. What cameras and software did the photographer use?
  4. Why does the photographer use digital cameras?

Why was this site developed?
Mohammad Al Zubair gave the copyright of his photographs to Bait Al Zubair Foundation llc (BAZF) in Oman. This Foundation was set up by the Al Zubair family to manage the Bait Al Zubair museum, that displays traditional ethnographic material relating to Oman’s rich cultural heritage, work on cultural arts projects and develop publishing activities.

BAZF then assigned Photocenter llc to develop and manage a website that would allow their images and publications to be available to a wider audience and promote Oman as a tourist destination.

Photocenter llc was established in Oman to celebrate the passion for photography, and has thereby developed into an organisation providing holistic imaging services. Pioneering as the leaders in photographic solutions for almost three decades, it is recognised as one of the oldest and most trusted ‘one stop shop’ for a comprehensive list of conventional and digital imaging services in Oman. The services they offer include framing, canvass mounting, large format printing, portraits, photography, lamination, image restoration, and a comprehensive image gallery.

Who is the photographer?
Mohammad Al Zubair is a collector, patron, artist and photographer. His interests are primarily photography and graphics; he has adapted his software and printers to control the production process of his artwork and photographs. His work has been exhibited internationally and is highlighted in two major publications detailing the diverse landscape of his home, The Sultanate of Oman.

What cameras and software did the photographer use?
The digital cameras used by Mohammad Al Zubair are the Nikon D1 and D1X and the Fuji S1 and S2, and the software he uses is photoshop.

Why does the photographer use digital cameras?
Mohammad Al Zubair who grew up using traditional film photography, was recently convinced to transfer to digital methods once the results produced had reached a professional level. He explains “technological advancements within the field of digital photography is moving forward at such a fast pace that it is rapidly replacing conventional photography and offers the photographers many new advantages”

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The photographer, Mohammad Al Zubair explains… “The high quality of digital photography that has recently emerged has convinced me to develop an old hobby . . .

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